I started watching this show for Connor/Declan to be honest! I loved him on Gossip Girl and I was really upset when Erik wasn’t on the show as a regular any more. Even though he’s dead on this show now I still watch because Emily and Gabe are so good too!

It’s hard for me to be angry at Daniel when Josh Bowman’s face is so beautiful. But…if Daniel was real, I would slap the shit outta his rich, pretty boy ass.

Conrad, David, Dominik, Frank, Maxwell, Jason, Jimmy, Patrick (yes, including him bec he’s creepy with his mom) Pascal, and now there’s another one coming? That’s 10! Please stop introducing men who has a thing for Victoria! Seriously annoying at this point!

I know it’s a while ago, but I’m glad fake Amanda is out of the picture, I’ve never actually liked her.

I honestly believe that in the beginning, even though Conrad was a cheat, he did love Victoria. Maybe if she had been more willing to forgive him (after all, she’d cheated too) they could have presented a united front and been in love again. Or at the very least, hated each other a little bit less.

Javier’s nice to look at as is Brooks.

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I really like Javier. I hope he sticks around for a while because it looks like he could actually be useful (he’s already helped Nolan once).

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I really only watch this show for Emily and Nolan now. I used to watch for Victoria too but she’s rather boring and manipulative at the moment and I’m not digging it.

Charlotte looked like a gothic vampire in her outfit at the opera in my opinion.

I freely admit that the only reason I watch this show is for Jack and Margaux. Can they just have their own spinoff please?