The ‘Get To Know The Revenge Fandom’ Post

Hello Revenge fans! As a way for our small fandom to get to know each other, here’s 10 questions for you to fill out if you wish! Just reblog with your answers :)

1. Name?

2. Other accounts? (Twitter, Youtube, etc. -optional)

3. Favorite Season and/or Episode of Revenge/Why?

4. Favorite Character?

5. Favorite Ship/Why?

6. Favorite Emily Takedown?

7. Least Favorite Character/Why?

8. Saddest Character Death?

9. Other fandoms you are a part of?

10. Other ships?

In my opinion, it’s more ABC’s fault that REVENGE is sinking so fast. If they had of kept Mike Kelley this show would likely still be soaring.

Honestly I often bag on this show, but I could never quit it! Revenge was one of the first shows that actually got me into watching TV. Before 2011, I barely watched any shows at all.

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Am I the only one still hoping that there is hope for Emily/Daniel relationship?

I am just not convinced Conrad’s dead. I mean, he’s Conrad!

It sometimes seems that some fans are so obsessed with Emily and Victoria’s rivalry that they pair the actresses up against one another too. Loads of confessions mention how incredible Madeleine or Emily are individually. But I rarely come across one where the both of them as referred to as being great.

Sometimes I have trouble sympathizing with Emily because of how immensely privileged she is. I understand that what she went through as a child was atrocious, but the second she turned 18 she inherited half a billion dollars. She’s never had to work a day in her life (and only ever has to service her mission). I feel like Ashley was right when she said that Emily’s “had everything handed to her”.

David being alive doesn’t make any sense and it has spiralled this show out of control.

Aiden loved Emily. He protected her, supported her and was loyal to her until the very last second. His character was destroyed just so a stupid ship (Jack and Emily) could sail when it doesn’t even make a sense at this point, not after everything that’s happened in this show.

The show has been completely ruined for me. They killed Aiden, the man that Emily truly loved and the man who truly loved her in return, unconditionally, just so she could end up with Jack who honestly doesn’t even know Emily and wouldn’t bear for a second a life with someone as dark as her. Stupid move