Here’s all my favorite shows, in no particular order:

1) Revenge
2) Community
3) Pretty Little Liars
4) Orange Is The New Black
5) One Tree Hill
6) How I Met Your Mother
7) The Mindy Project
8) The Office
9) Nashville
10) 30 Rock
11) Saturday Night Live
12) Camp
13) Mixology
14) Portlandia
15) Baby Daddy
16) Big Brother

Some shows I also watch are Parks and Rec, The 100, 2 Broke Girls, Suburgatory (forever bummed about that cancellation), and all the abc wednesday comedies!


Correct! It is pretty random to have as a favorite, considering it had such a short season, but I thought the characters were great and I love the summer camp theme in tv. Really any show that takes place in the summer is good with me lol

And naw, you didn’t cheat! Since that was a tough one I had to give it up haha :)

You're so dang nice


aw! you’re so dang sweet :)

I know Conrad is a villain and he ruined many lives, but I liked him. He was very kind to Emily in S3, specially in comparison with Victoria, and I really enjoyed this character development. His repent while “ill” was one of my favorite subplots this season, and his conversation with Emily before the wedding (Beggining of S3E10, Exodus) was definitely one of my favorite moments. I really liked their interactions… too bad he’s gone.

I really think that people who hate Jack/Emily should consider quitting the show. I don’t mean this in a douchey way, I’m just concerned about how they’ll handle it when Jack and Emily get together and sail off into the sunset at the end of the series.

Oh, Emily is a villain. She is definitely more villainesque than Victoria. I’m still rooting for her, though.

Emily is awesome!! She’s so badass!

I’m just now starting to realize how messed up and weird this season finale was. I’m hoping all of it happened in Amanda’s head, as a result from the concussion, honestly.

I didn’t even know I liked Aiden so much, but I was really sad when he died…

I can only think of a few times Victoria was actually on the offense and Emily was on the defense. Nearly everything Victoria did was in response to Emily or Conrad’s attacks. She even tried to stop David’s framing. Why wasn’t Emily after Conrad?